Everyone called me Manny.

The astronaut was seen to land on the moon.


Ramon uncorked a bottle of wine.


The writer is bringing out a new book next month.

Lou immediately answered Hartmann's question.

Trey likes to watch soccer.

Roberto took a picture of herself on her phone and sent it to Avery.

I don't want to walk with you.


Nanda came up to Susumu at the party and told him she had a crush on him.


Pandas are beautiful animals.


Vic reminds me of his father.

I remember seeing her once on the street.

The astronaut is in orbit around the Earth.

Life is what you make it.

Dan invited Linda to have a coffee with him.

There was a young doctor that looked after him.

Dwight said he was just too tired to do anything else.

Randal missed the bus.

I must make up for the loss.

It was his best time.

I've been waiting for you.

In the religious-cult trial, the ambitious lawyer will represent the cult leader.

This is a nice restaurant. Thanks for bringing me here.

We can't allow Audrey to leave.

I'm amazed by the ease with which you solve the problem.


He likes anyone even if that person has a fault.


Do you really think you can get away with this?

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I've got three times more money as you.

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Men only think that you are wise when you share or approve of their folly.

What're you going to do next?

These are my thank-you notes.

I don't accept that.

Don't judge me.


What a piece of folly!

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We thought something had happened to you.


My life has changed completely.

That's a good thing.

Stephan is a former student of Takeuchi's.

Don't forget to polish your shoes before you go out!

Nanda had to borrow money to put into his savings account so that his cheque wouldn't bounce.

Gunnar used to be successful.

Liber told me I didn't have to talk to you.

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She was good for nothing.

Pigeons are very bothersome birds in cities.

It'll cost around ten thousand yen.

I like blue best of all colors.

Ritchey asked if I liked Mexican food.

I'm gonna go take a nap for an hour.

In order to better use a language, and to understand it better, you need to learn new words.

Stop correcting me.

He keeps all his savings in the bank.

Dominic stays up until after midnight almost every night.

Strictly speaking, she didn't like it at all, but she didn't say a thing.

I had barely got aboard when the train began to move.

We're pooped.

We were obliged to give up our plan.

Do you come here a lot?

The captain commanded silence.

You let us down.

There was no question about that.

Not a little money was lost.

Takayuki isn't a threat.

I want to become better at swimming.

Paper production increases annually.

Jerome was pretty upset.

I'm sure they're working on solving the problem.

Merril just got dumped.

We've never been happier.

I'm looking forward to meeting with you the next time I visit your town.

Kent might have an identical twin.

I'm flexible.

You didn't have to ask.

Who took care of you?


I don't want to get you in trouble.


This restaurant is less expensive.

You bought the food, so if I buy the wine that will even things up.

Raymond got married again.

I wouldn't let Randall hear you say that.

I'm tired of Boston.

I'm now retired.

If only he would marry me!


By means of a super high-pressure water spray practically all the sediment is removed.

I can't find it anywhere.

Do you feel threatened?

Pam likes playing practical jokes on people.

Such people are few in number.


Cezanne is famous for his landscapes.

Sjouke knew what the problem was.

Actually, Nigel doesn't have insurance.

The fortune was divided among the three brothers.

Let's do that instead.

That's the way Kris likes it.

Emily takes the bus to work if he's going to have a few drinks with his mates after work.

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Tao promised me he'd never come back here again.


Real ability wins in the end.


Everybody's tired.

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He doesn't like cops.

Takeuchi says it's probably not going to rain until after midnight.

Berlin is a German town.


I don't think that's a very good idea.

What a lazy teacher!

If you consider the objective of hibernation, I think it's the response of animals trying to somehow survive the winter season with its lack of food.


When science shall have described all that is knowable in the universe, then God will be complete, if we take the word God as synonymous with the totality of existence.


The study is biased.

Nobody can put anything over on the bureau chief.

On Purim people eat Haman's Ears.

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It happened that she and I liked the same kind of music.


Tuan won't tell me what I'm supposed to do.

Charlie Chaplin is an actor.

One cup of coffee, please.

Why doesn't he tell me jokes anymore?

It was an offer I couldn't refuse.

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Gigi should write a song.


I'd prefer not to get involved at this stage, thank you.

He fouled because he pushed over the other player.

I met them in Australia.


The father is always uncertain.

Fletcher put the bowl of popcorn on the table.

Did you do this?

I'll cook you whatever you want.

I'll fire her.

I'm sticking with her.

This book is too difficult to read in a week.

I did what most people do in that situation.

I think I may have made a big mistake.


I hope you practiced your solo.

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He repeated his name slowly.

I never really liked Mayo.

Can you at least give me a chance to explain?

Allow me to replace it.

That politician won't meet you unless you grease his palm.

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There is a museum just north of the zoo.


Whatever will be, will be.

I wasn't aware that Nicholas was sick.

They talked about culture.

On the chalkboard there's written your new timetable.

My daughter caught a cold.

Cape Verde is called "Cabo Verde" in Portuguese.

What would happen if the earth stopped spinning?


Ravindran told me his life's story.

At least pretend you're happy to see me.

Floods, violent wind storms, droughts, killing frosts, and the problems of air pollution have all, on occasion, influenced modern society.

Jochen knows that Shutoku doesn't like him very much.

Bob felt embarrassed when he was treated in front of some girls.


I'd like to see some proof.

I like Ralph's aggressive style.

One should love one's mother tongue.

Please help me take this lid off.

We have a desire to be wealthy.

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Moore has been crying.


I think Wendi now understands.

I couldn't think of a better place to have a picnic.

Take it one step at a time.

I can't trust anybody.

They want to better their working conditions.

What does your father do for a living?

I called to thank Dan.

A terrible thing happened last week.

I didn't find anything better.

I haven't smoked for years.

Sabrina did nothing illegal.

People lie every day.

Why are you able to explain things so well?